Reflections On Being Banned by Facebook For No Good Reason

  • Over 14 years of pictures, which I had foolishly thought were safe to store on Facebook instead of my own computer or cloud storage. These included the last few days of my old cat Benton, some of the great times from my hangouts with friends in the prime of our twenties, photos from my gala book launch party in 2013 for my first novel, and images from my honeymoon to Cancun with my ex-wife (which, yeah, I wouldn’t otherwise care about if they didn’t include our day trip to Chichen Itza, a bucket list item of mine).
  • Disconnections from several amazing online communities, including a freelance support group that was not only a source of networking and revenue, but helped me meet some amazing new friends around the world, freelancers all (just like me).
  • Conversation transcripts with my friends, including all the files, funny voice messages, and deep, life changing chats.
  • Connection with my over 700 contacts, most of whom probably now think I unfriended and blocked them.





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Jody Aberdeen

Jody Aberdeen


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